Art exhibition
curated by Tommaso Zijno

22nd April – 22nd May 2016
Crypt Saint XII Apostles’ Basilica
Piazza di Santi Apostoli 51, Roma
opening hours_ 9.00 am – 12.00 am and 4.00 pm – 7.00 pm (excluding mass hours)

inauguration Friday 22nd April
at 8.00 pm

MEMORIE is the exhibition dedicated to art. It includes, within the space of the crypt of the Santi Apostoli in Rome, a selection of works made in white Carrara marble by a young sculptor from Anagni: Jacopo Cardillo, also know as Jago.
With the support of the Jubilee of Mercy together with the City of Rome and the Lazio Region, the exhibition connects its contents to the reflection introduced by the Holy Year. It creates a journey that brings to mind the importance of the act of sculpting originated from an “act of faith” of the artist on an apparently dumb block of marble. A gesture of meditation, a ritual that indissolubly links the craftsman’s spirit to that of its artefacts.
A process that aims to free the deepest “soul” that any stone block preserves and hides behind the “skin” that protects it.
The exhibited works, immersed in another world full of spirituality, preserve the testimony of an ancient material that keeps track of all the changes it has faced over the centuries. A sculpture that never leaves the rock edge, and becomes the guardian of the work that nature has polished and shaped. It’s the expression of the art of “doing” linked to the touch and the work with the chisel, as well as the discovery of the relation between mind and body. An art that brings back the idea of the hic et nunc (‘here and now’), in which the artist, sculpting “himself”, superimposes his hand on the hand of time.
Stone fragments become a womb, a safe bed. They guard and look after a “human presence”, protecting it in the most intimate moment of its night numbness, in a sleep that tells the mystery of creation. Flakes of stone, eternal in their material essence, take on themselves the frailty of the flesh; and marble hands, with their impressive life force, only suggest what is already there, “everything is contained”.